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Manchester Varicose Vein Clinics

Varicose Vein Clinics in Manchester and Cheshire

Manchester Varicose Veins provides a range of world class treatments of varicose veins through our vein clinics in Manchester and Cheshire.

Our Manchester and Cheshire vein clinics offer a range of varicose vein treatments and the selection of any treatment procedure is based on a combination of examination findings and medical history. The treatments offered at our vein clinics range from vascular vein surgery to simple compression stockings. Some of the common varicose vein treatments offered at our varicose vein clinic are listed below:

1) Endovenous Ablation.
2) Foam Sclerotherapy.
3) Open Surgery.
4) Mechanico-chemical Ablation.
5) Injection sclerotherapy.
6) Compression stockings.

Looking for a Vein Clinic in Manchester or Cheshire?

If you are looking for a world class varicose vein clinic in Manchester or Cheshire for the treatment of your varicose veins or for initial consultation regarding your vein problems, please contact us or book an appointment and our consultant vascular surgeon and varicose vein specialist will be happy to help you with diagnosis and treatment of your vein problems.

Varicose Veins: Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

Varicose veins are veins under the skin of the legs, which have become large and visible. Many people have them but it is not always the case that they cause a problem. Read More about Varicose Veins.
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Tawqeer Rashid is a Consultant Vascular & Endovascular Surgeon based at the Manchester Royal Infirmary.

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Clinic Locations

For further information, queries or to book your consultation, please contact us using the following details.

  • Address 1:
    BMI The Alexandra Hospital
    This is located in Cheadle, Cheshire and appointments are available from 1630 onwards.
  • Phone
    Please call 01614956831
    for a consultation.
  • Address 2:
    Spire Manchester Clinic Hale
    This is conveniently located in the vibrant village of Hale in Altrincham & appointments are available from 1330-1530.
  • Phone
    Please call 01614476600
    for a consultation (Alternate Wednesdays)
  • Address 3:
    Spire Manchester Hospital
    Russell Road, Whalley Range, Manchester M16 8AJ & appointments are available from 1400-1530.
  • Phone
    Please call 01614476600
    for a consultation (Alternate Wednesdays)


For further information, queries or to book your consultation, please contact us.